VIP Chat with Dr. Amy Porto

Dr. Amy Porto is coming to chat with us about her work and how she applies those same philosophies and theories to life with her dog. Dr. Amy is a Registered Dietician, dog lover, and host of the free Facebook group 100 Miles By Summer.

Here is a quick bio about Amy:
“Dr. Amy Porto is a professor, anti-diet registered dietitian, and certified intuitive eating counselor. As a nutrition expert, her purpose is to disrupt the mainstream diet, health and fitness market with real science, a dash of humor and a little bit of common sense. Amy helps people gain an understanding of complicated and misleading nutrition information while translating that new knowledge into actionable strategies for everyday life.
“When she’s not working with her students and clients, Amy spends her time doing her best to give her dog Lizzie her best life. Whether it’s on a walk or on a couch, what she enjoys most is time with her best friend.”

Time Stamps for easier review:

0:00- Dr. Amy Porto bio
2:50- Intro to her personal dog
9:40- 100 miles by summer
16:30- No yards or small yards
20:00- Different walk styles
22:00- How to listen to your dog
32:00- Trust and control
40:00- Reactivity and walking
45:00- Dog Scouts of America
48:00- Dogs “whole body of health”
54:30- Trends and marketing in the health of our pets