VIP Chat – Capturing Moments with Hannah Boquet

Hannah is a designer and photographer. Her photography has been featured on BuzzFeed and in Parenting Magazine. She has a love for photography, film making, graphic design, and animals. Hannah joined us to talk about how to capture those special moments with our pets and how to get the best pictures using the tools you already have (like your phone camera!), but we left with so much more.


I loved how Hannah talked about how she looks for moments to capture. We talked about the importance of photographing and filming every day things. It is those moments you are living that turn into the things you want to remember later.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things! Explore the ways to use light, shadow, and different angles to help capture a feeling. Hannah encouraged us to get down at their level for more intimate photos, as well as making sure the eyes of your subject are in focus. But, one of the biggest hurdles she mentioned to continually improving is to just keep practicing and don’t compare your photos to others!

Keep going, keep practicing, keep exploring, and keep documenting.

Here is Hannah’s contact info: 
Pasque Creative – Sioux Falls, SD

We also made reference to a few things in this conversation. We referenced checking our your phone’s settings for customizations (shutter speed, exposure, slow-motion video, and more), as well as the phone app 1 Second Everyday.

Your challenge is a simple one: start looking for moments to capture.
Using your phone’s photograph or video camera, capture one moment for each day the rest of the month. Dig in and capture the moments, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Using the free phone app 1 Second Everyday, stitch these photos and videos together and share it in the group, with a friend, or for yourself. You never know when you will need to look back and smile on your memories.


Time Stamps for easier review:

0:45- Hannah’s bio
4:00- Considerations of photographing animals
6:30- What takes a photo from a snapshot to a keepsake
9:25- Hannah’s version of photography
12:00- How to find the moments worth capturing
13:45- Working with light
18:00- Favorite tips for photographing
20:00- How to work with pets that get distracted
22:30- How to get the most out of your phone camera
26:45- Best tip to improve photos
27:30- Using videos to document
33:15- One Second Every Day
35:50- Closing remarks