VIP Chat – Bobbi Thury of Legacy Law Firm

No one really wants to think about being in a crisis situation, but lack of planning for these worst-case scenarios are what lands many pets homeless or in a shelter.

Bobbi Thury is an Attorney and co-Founder of Legacy Law Firm. She takes a hands-on and holistic approach to helping her clients plan. Whether it is a simple Will and incapacity documents to something more intricate, Bobbi cannot imagine anything better than helping clients protect themselves and their families in case of disability or death.

Bobbi joined us live in the group to talk about the importance of Crisis/Estate planning and other considerations we need to think about to protect our pets in a worst-case scenario.

Here is Bobbi’s contact info: 
Legacy Law Firm – Sioux Falls, SD

We also made reference to a few things in this conversation. We referenced Power of Attorney, Wills, Pet Trusts, EverPlans program, and RoadID

Here is the link to our follow up Q&A session.

Time Stamps for easier review:

0:00 Intro
1:14 – Pets in Estate Planning
2:50  Differences in Types Planning
3:53  Durable Power of Attorney for Pet Care
5:15  Picking the “who” and how to approach those conversations
8:00  Why make it a legal document
10:50 – Emergency tags
14:10 – Permanent care vs. temporary care
16:00 – Will verses Trust
17:50 – provisions for pets
23:15 – Temporary care
25:05 – IF you can’t use a professional what are your options
29:01 – How to approach conversations
31:00 – Ways to let people know they have provisions for pet care
32:30 – Common things people miss
39:00 – Benefits of where your pet money comes from
42:14 – Closing remarks from Bobbi