Tasty Treats


It's time to celebrate, because you're in!!

We believe high quality treats are an important part of giving your pet their best life.
In fact, 10 out of 10 pets agree!

You’ve just signed up for the best treat subscription this side of the Mississippi.
These treats are fresh baked each month and shipped right to your door. 
You can’t beat that!

Now What:
You should be receiving a confirmation email with your order details soon. Check your spam or junk folders, because they occasionally end up there by mistake. You signed up for a particular set of treat types. This is what will get sent to you each month. Your card will continue to be charged monthly until you cancel. If you ever want to change your order type or have a question, please send us an email at [email protected]

What you need to know:
Our treats will arrive in their own containers. If you ordered a softer treat, you might want to switch these out to an air-tight container when you get home. That will help keep them from drying out and getting hard. These treats are all homemade without preservatives and with fresh ingredients.

You can find us on Facebook at Lucky Pup Adventures and on Instagram at @_luckypup.
We would LOVE to see your pets and their treats. Tag us and we will share selected photos on our accounts!

Thanks again and here’s to giving your pet their best life!

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