The “Best Life” Wheel

The "Best Life" Wheel 1
I am so happy to share with you the sneakest peek of what I’ve been working on. (No one else has seen this yet and it should safely stay in this community until we share it out in the world.) This wheel includes what I consider to be the most important ingredients in helping our pets live their best lives.
We have our four key categories: Health, Home, Relationships, and Variety The more we can optimize these four key categories, the better Quality of Life (QoL) we will give our dogs. Now, some dogs will gain more QoL from some of these categories than others. It might be because of their age, health, other pets in the home, their personality, breed type, etc. There is no one right or wrong answer on where to start. Each dog in your home will likely be different, too, even if they have the same breed or are related. So, take a look at the graphic and each section. The inner ring are the “how” for giving our pets a great life. These are the things we can improve or provide. The outer ring is the “what” behind the “how” these are the overall goals or big ideas we are focused on hitting. For example, in the Relationship category we want to optimize the relationships between a pet and each person and other pet in our home, and we do that by focusing on Trust and Connections. We’ll be highlighting each of these sections moving forward, with also a special 12 Days challenge coming up!

Your homework:

Think of what might be your pup’s favorite section or the section you want to work on the most.