bite sized

strategy sessions

right when you need them

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bite sized

strategy sessions

right when you need them

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sometimes you just need a little help

Do you have someone you can call with business gets hard? Someone you can trust to give you good advice, solid strategy, and tailored for you and your business, without having to commit to a program or package?

We’re ready to help! Get answers right when you need them.

before we get started, i've gotta know...

These business audits are a commitment from each of us. Who is this for? I’m glad you asked! We are looking to work with business owners who…

are passionate about their work and have a set of values on how they want to run their business.
The answer to so much in business is, “It depends.” If you can answer who you serve, what makes you special, and why your clients choose you, you are well on your way to a set of business values.

…have the basics down and have their business legit.
You have a website/social media presence, business bank accounts, file your taxes, and are insured. If you want to be considered a Big Dog in business, you have to act like it! You can achieve all of these things whether your business is just starting out or you are doing multiple six-figures of revenue. 
Not quite there yet?  Book a Strategy Session!

…want to analyze where they are at and are excited to make updates.
You don’t have to have a team of dog walkers or want to have big revenue growth to get tremendous value from a business audit. However, you have to be ready to make some changes! If not, what’s the point of doing an audit? This is an investment in your future, and I want to help you get where you want to go.

what to expect

A strategy sessions are a time to create a focused strategy to one area or challenge you are facing in your business. You pick the topic, we create a strategy.

Strategy Sessions 1

pick your topic

Give me the topic of our conversation and some background information.

Strategy Sessions 2

strategy time

We get together to discuss what you’re dealing with and a strategy for moving forward.


support as needed

more support

You’re off! We are here with additional strategy sessions if you need help along the way!

let's strategize!