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lessons learned while walking dogs

Some days my dog Crosby is less thrilled with my enthusiasm than others.

Hey, there! I’m Morgan – dog walker, (multiple) business founder and owner, 2022 Pet Sitter of the Year, and eternal optimist. Before I left my corporate career behind to pursue my passion for people and pets, I was an almost-architect and project manager. I’m bringing the lessons from my almost-decade of business and relationship building to other pet pros on their own journey.

what to expect

When life and business gets challenging, I turn to the dogs I love so much for the best advice on living. I’ve taken the essential lessons I’ve learned to better and inspire the pet care industry for its business owners and team members. 

As a Big Picture Thinker, I share in a way that is relatable, applicable, and speaks to the challenges they face in their everyday work. More than a stuffy presentation read from the screen, you can expect a beautiful and colorful slide deck, and sessions are always full of energy and designed to create a lasting impact. 

some favorite topics

Whether you are preparing a conference or looking for a guest on your TV segment, podcast, or YouTube channel, we’d love to hear from you! Our favorite Live Full, Live Happy topics can be adapted to align with your message or theme, or we can create something new together:

presentations & workshops

An impactful session is part Big Idea, part Challenge and Inspiration, and part Take Action. We invite audiences to give a damn on both ends of the leash, whether we are talking about carving out time for their personal life or making improvements in their business.

  • Burnout Prevention: dive into the importance of living life like a dog instead of working like one as a way to save your sanity and your business.
  • Wow & Delight: how to build lasting relationships in a high-touch, low-contact business.
  • Storytelling for Pet Sitters: Lackluster visit reports? Saying the same thing again and again? Telling captivating and exciting stories of time spent with pets is easy with this framework.
  • Resilience When Business Gets Ruff: Running a pet care business can be 24/7/365 and sometimes it feels like the only other option is to shut it all down. We’re sharing lessons learned from pulling your business back from the brink – eliminate the grind to build your business in a way that doesn’t make you want to quit.
  • Emotional Costs of a Caring Business: Grow more comfortable with grief as a pet sitter by knowing what to say (and not to say), learning ways to help your clients through their loss, and identifying ways to honor our own grief around a client’s loss.

hard & important conversations

After my own experiences (plural) with burnout and the emotional challenges that come with working in pet care, I am dedicated to having space for conversations around the harder aspects of our work. Things like grief, pet loss, stressful circumstances, and burnout can interfere with Pet Professionals leading full, happy lives and enjoying their work. The more we discuss the unique challenges that come with pet care professions, the more we can normalize them. I welcome conversations, panel discussions, and presentations on the following topics:

  • Burnout, and Burnout Prevention
  •  Normalizing grief
  •  Emotional costs of care giving
  • Supporting clients as their pets age

for pet parents

Making a first aid kit

As a recurring guest on a TV lifestyle show for the last 4 years, I love to bring my pet care knowledge to pet parents looking to help their pets live a full and happy life. Asking “If your dog could talk, what story would he tell about your life together?,” I’m focused on helping people explore life together with their pets to give them their best.

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