Adopting Senior Pets

When people go out and think of getting a new pet, oftentimes they think of puppies and kittens, and all the joy that comes with bringing them into the house. But many don’t know that bringing home a senior pet can be just as rewarding with as much fulfillment as a young pet. Watch our segment with KELOLAND Living here!

older mixed breed dog

Prepare for an older pet: Generally speaking, senior dogs are over 7 years old and cats are over 12 years old. They can fit into a variety of homes. Some senior pets thrive in busy homes since they can relax on the sofa and watch the activity without having to necessarily be in the middle of everything. Others will be thrilled to find themselves a calmer and more relaxed home. 

Understand the benefits: There are many benefits to adopting a senior pet or a pet that is past their puppy years. Many times you know what you are getting in terms of their personality, whereas puppies can change so much before they grow into their adult personalitiesAnother joy of adopting a senior is that most of them are already professionals at the basics! This means you can get right to the fun of enjoying your relationship together.

Plan for your new best friend: Some breeds take longer to settle into their golden years- some embrace it early! The organization or family that you are getting them from should have a good idea of what they need for a happy home. Shelters, rescues and private families often have senior pets as families undergo unforeseen changes such as medical emergencies, elderly owners that move into care facilities, or other reasons through no fault of the pets.

Start your adventure: Senior dogs have a lot of love to give, and like to cherish their time with you! They generally will transition fairly easily to a new home. The puppy antics are over and they are calmer and ready to fit into your home and fill your heart with the love they have to give!

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