Q&A for VIP Chat – Bobbi Thury of Legacy Law Firm

We take an in depth look at our Emergency Preparedness PDF, going over each section, why it is important, and different considerations you want to make. You can access the PDF here.

We have free emergency wallet ID cards for Explorer members! Send us an email at info@luckypupadventures.com and we will get them in the mail to you!

Here is an additional article from Legacy Law Firm talking about the importance and the why of emergency planning.
Here is the link to our original VIP Chat with Bobbi.

Time Stamps for easier review:

2:40 – Intro to the Emergency Prep PDF
3:30 – Being prepared for all situations
7:30 – Evacuation considerations
9:40 – Severe storm considerations
10:50 – Pet health emergencies
12:00 – Emergency Caregivers for your pets
14:50 – If you are in a car accident
16:25 – Emergency kit preparedness
25:20 – Legal documents to consider for Emergency Preparedness
29:40 – Outlining assets, and monetary considerations