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Hey, there! I’m Morgan, and I’m really excited you are here! I love to bring energy, ideas, and clarity through candid and authentic conversations. I went to architecture school and worked in design firms as a project designer and manager. After being immersed in design for nearly a decade and feeling totally burnt out, I decided to trade in my hard hat for a pair of hiking shoes and my favorite leash and run my pet care business fulltime. 

I love having conversations that bring the lessons you’ve learned in business and in life to others, making the big picture relatable, inspirational, and maybe educational, too. I want to help other pet pros and business owners avoid the challenges we’ve found while building our businesses, while also having honest conversations around the challenges and joys of being a business owner.

why start a podcast ?

I am looking for a place to build connection and show off some expertise for you and for me, but I also really want to help people avoid the pitfalls of business ownership in the pet care world. My favorite way to do that is with long form, authentic conversations without the fluff.

You are welcome to share about your business, your why or passion, and some background on how you got where you are. I’ll have some conversation points for us, but mostly I like to take conversations where they go organically.

People want to hear about the trenches and how you dug out and why you’d do it again or what you’d do differently (think How I Built This  for the pet world). Sometimes we are talking about heavy or messy shit, but in a cathartic, lesson- and inspiration-led way. Our goal is to go deeper in each conversation, not broader.

You can listen to our published episodes here.

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what to expect

  • Each season of the podcast has a theme that all conversations center around. Think of your episode like a chapter in a book instead of a wide ranging interview. The first season’s theme is Big Ideas. We are talking about the Big Ideas that apply to our businesses, but also our lives as business owners, too.

  • We record podcasts via video chat. We post finished podcasts in audio formats along with some video pieces for social sharing. We do not expect you to be dressed formally, but show up to record in some thing that is authentic to you and you don’t mind having shared on the inter-webs.

  • The goal is to record for around 60 minutes. We’ll talk for a little longer if the conversation is good, though.

my mission

I am targeting business owners (specifically in the pet services) who give a damn about themselves, their team, and their clients. These are people who know life could be better, who are creating a business that is an industry disruptor, and who want to do things that are authentic to them. We believe:

  • We should live full, happy lives like the dogs we love. Living in a state of burnout by working like a dog isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

  • We should get as much from our business as we give.

  • In making space for conversations around the harder, messier, and challenging aspects of our work. We don’t just skip over something because it is challenging or creates discomfort.

  • We should enjoy life now without needing a tragedy/breakdown/negative experience as a catalyst.

  • We can build our business around our values, passions, and skills by analyzing it holistically.

  • In being candid and authentic. We don’t skirt around the struggles we’ve encountered and instead use them as lessons to share and learn from.