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life is meant for living

How many of us have thought about how good of a life our dogs live. With plenty of time for friends, naps, walks,  snacks, and play, they certainly seem to have the market cornered on Living The Good Life.

When we look at how dogs live, they have a whole different set of priorities:

Dogs make time for their favorite things and their favorite people, and they definitely don’t skimp on fun.
Dogs prioritize themselves and what they need (naptime anyone??), while also loving on others.
Dogs are masters at delivering joy ; they foster relationships and make us feel special, even in a crowd.

So often we get stuck feeling unsatisfied or maybe weighed down with the obligations of business life. Time and time again, I had this feeling that my dogs knew some secret to a life well lived that I was missing.

living life like a dog

live full live happy
live full live happy

There is so much to living a full and happy life, but often we don’t make it a priority.

I unintentionally bought into the belief that in order to succeed I had to hustle and grind, sacrifice experiences to do more work, and put my own needs last. I realized that while I was working so hard to get ahead I was missing out on the things that made life most enjoyable.

Our days as pet sitters, dog walkers, and other pet professionals center around making sure the pets in our care are enjoying a full life. We make time for companionship, for staying physically and mentally healthy, for building a safe and trusting relationship, and for play and fun experiences. We make sure that every day has something good and special in it.

The question is, why aren’t we giving ourselves the same treatment?

making change

I am dedicated to educating and emboldening other Pet Professionals to lead full, happy lives:

Lucky Pup
Lucky Pup

 – We deserve more than giving everything to our clients, with nothing left for ourselves.

 – Our businesses should add fulfillment and joy to our lives, not take us down a path of overwhelm and burnout.

 – We should end our work days having made time for our own pets and passions.

I hate that so many of us need a major catalyst to create a better work and personal life for ourselves. Instead, I am passionate about encouraging pet service providers to prioritize their own needs, living life more like the dogs they serve: with joy, enthusiasm, and time for their favorite things. Together, we are helping chance the pet care industry.

Take a holistic look at your business and how your it serves everyone involved, including YOU.

We’re talking about struggles and joys of business ownership, and prioritizing our full and happy life.


Come behind-the-scenes to see how I give a damn on both ends of the leash, in my work and in my life.

Make an impact with Big Ideas that Challenge and Inspire, encouraging attendees to Take Action!

join the journey

Pet professionals are a special group: We love BIG. We care about every interaction we have, and every client we serve. And because we care so much, we pour everything out for others and neglect to care for ourselves and our own wellbeing. And that is why I am inviting you on this journey with me to start living our lives like the dogs we love – I know the biggest impact will be created when we all lean in, together.

Let’s give a damn on both ends of the leash – in our work and how our work effects our personal lives. I want you to coming along on your own journey, too. Let’s bringing our zest for life, our authenticity, and our passions into all that we do – just like our dogs.

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