Making a Mental Shift


I think there is one really challenging mental switch we make when we start elevating our pup’s daily living experiences. Separating their willingness to do something and their actual feelings and opinions.

As an example, we might do something they really like (maybe it is go for a walk, having snuggle/pet time, or giving a food toy), but do we consider how they feel about doing it at the time we want them to do it?

Do they want a walk in the morning or time to run free in the morning instead? Cuddles before bed or a play session? A midday nap or training together? Time together with their doggie crew or time on their own? Time to play with you or time to sniff around independently?

Our dogs are so good at adapting to their circumstances and environments. Because of this, it can be hard to know the difference between what they are excited to do and what they are going along with because we asked. This an important difference when we consider their “perfect day” or their living bucket list.

For example – I really want to give Crosby a little massage last night. I had time and I had the idea! I thought it was a great idea! He, on the other hand, really wanted some alone time to chew on his favorite toys. It was hard to not be a little disappointed that he didn’t want to hang out with me when I had this great idea for what I thought we should be doing.

Picture of Crosby telling me he wants to play and not relax!!

Your homework:

Can you think of times that what your dog wanted didn’t align with what you or another dog wanted?