Keep Pets Happy During Covid-19

For many of us who are now working at home, our new four legged coworkers may be feeling the changes more than we are aware. If you’ve noticed some changes with your pets attitude since you’ve been home, the following tips may help them relax and take the change in schedule in stride. Watch our segment with KELOLAND Living here!

bulldog chewing on a stuffed Kong toyPrepare for your time at home: Our dogs thrive on routine and predictability. Even when things are different with you working from home or being home home, we want to maintain as much routine as possible. Maintaining routines means their expectations remain consistent, and this helps to set the tone for the rest of the day!

Understand their struggles: When you are gone at work, your dog is most likely napping the day away! They likely aren’t getting the sleep that they are used to while you are home. Just like a toddler who has missed their nap, your dog can get overtired and act out. Maintaining their schedule should include their quiet time, too! These simple changes may help get their behavior back to normal.

Plan for success: Try to stick to the same time and routine for important daytime events, such as meals. But, also explore adding fun things like brain games and boredom busters! It will give them a mental break and some stimulation that can help to take the edge off of their energy. If they are used to walks at certain times, try to keep those part of your routine, as well.

Start and make the most of working from home: Use these tips to make a plan for your day. By implementing some simple but impactful strategies to your day, both you and your pup will be able to better enjoy your time working from home.

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Quarantine Boredom Busters

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