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Fish are cool. Here is a snapshot from my days as a local retail store fish expert.

Hi, there! I’m Austin. I love to see problems or challenges that people are having and figure out a solution. I also love a good pun. I went to college to be an industrial engineer and I enjoy making systems work smoothly. I found my passion for fish in big-box and local pet retail. I started in sales and quickly moved up as a manager in animal and aquatics departments. I started Aquarium Keepers, an aquarium maintenance & consulting business, in 2018 and started working fulltime as the Chief Fish Guy in our businesses in 2022.

I am a fixer and I like to help people solve problems. Sometimes it’s helping with a new fish tank or dietary issues with a dog or cat. There is always a new problem to solve and when you find the right solution it improves the quality of life to the pets and their families. I love sharing my passions with others, and there isn’t much cooler than seeing people get excited about something with you. Besides our 2 dogs, I also have a 400 gallon reef aquarium and 25 gallon planted aquarium. Yep – I really like fish. I also have a wealth of knowledge about reptiles and snakes of all kinds, but my wife won’t let me bring any snakes home.

making aquariums fintastic

Got a client aquarium that isn’t quite right? Want to know more about how aquarium systems work? I’d love to see if I can help! I consult with pet sitters on how to help them understand aquariums. I can also be a resource for your clients if they don’t have great local support. I love to help even the most novice aquarists better understand and care for their new favorite hobby.


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