Geocaching Basics

Geocaching is a fun activity you can do with your dogs, but you can also head out on your own.This can be a great way to help add variety and new experiences for your dogs, and it is also just a ton of fun. 

Geocaching is essentially a world-wide scavenger hunt! You are given GPS coordinates where something is hidden. But you don’t know WHAT is actually hidden. These “caches” can be big or small, but inside there are log to sign and occasionally items to trade.  Here are a few examples of what caches can look like. They can be as big as a 5 gallon pail or as small as your thumbnail!

Getting Started

Prepare: Go to to create a free account and download the free app by searching for Geocaching in your phone’s app store.

Understand: Learn some of the basics in this Geocaching intro series, brush up on your Geocaching lingo, and even read up a bit on their blog.  Also, check out this little tip sheet we put together:

Start researching the caches in your neighborhood in your app. Look for ones with low difficulty, easy terrain, and that have been found recently or more easily by others. You can find this under “Activity” in the app.

Before you head out, head over to the Explorer’s Facebook group to ask any questions you might have! Then, like many things, the best way to get started is to get started! Keep checking in the group and let us know how it is going!!

Thank you to Leah for being our resident Geocaching expert! Leah loves Geocaching with her pups both at home and when on vacation!!