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Sort of… This course focuses on the specific needs, behaviors, and particulars of helping your dog live their best life. While some of the same concepts will apply to life with other pet types, it is really designed exclusively for dog owners.

This guide is a great for identifying and prioritizing changes you want to make with your dog. It should not be used in place of and is not meant to replace individualized advice of a credentialed, professional dog trainer or dog behaviorist. This guide can be used in conjunction with the support of your trainer, but should not be construed as a replacement for working with a professional dog trainer. Have questions about whether this guide is a good fit for you and your dog? Email your questions to us and we can discuss if it might be a good fit.

Yes!!! The best way to own a dog is to learn all about dog ownership before you jump in! Use this course to understand the commitment needed for responsible dog ownership, learn what tools and routines your new dog will need, and learn more about what kind of dog owner you can be. This is a fantastic place to start.

If I was a betting person, I would say Yes! Dog ownership is multi-faceted, and just because you have had a dog in your home before doesn’t mean you have learned everything there is to know about how to help them live their best life with you! Having a dog who got along fine and having a dog who loved life to its fullest with you are quite different. We are going for maximum life enjoyment on BOTH ends of the leash here!

You are in luck! Our Lucky Pup Guide is a systematic approach to your dog’s biggest needs and life challenges and what they wish you knew! We will walk you through the program and help you identify and prioritize. You don’t need to know where to start, because we do that bit for you.

In short, yes! In long, every dog is an individual, and while they will all have their own likes and dislikes, their own preferences, and their own challenges, the life of experience and needs of a dog is pretty constant regardless of the details. Meaning, our program can be applied to a chihuahua living with a single person in the Big City the same as it can be applied to the big floofy dog living in the ‘burbs with a couple adults and a bunch of kids running around. Why? Because a dog has specific base needs no matter where they live and what their size or breed they are. We teach you WHY those things are important and how to apply the concepts to your own unique family.

As mentioned above, you get lifetime access to this course. You can take it as many times as you like and learn something new as you apply the concepts each time. The course includes videos, transcripts of the videos, and a 20-page workbook. You can work through the course at your pace!