Emergency Preparedness

Making a first aid kit

Summer is here (finally!) and that means a few things: more time outside with our pups, stormy weather, and (hopefully) some safe summer travel. Help give your pet their best summer with these Lucky Pup tips. We shared these tips and more on our segment with KELOLAND Living!

June is Disaster Preparedness Month.  Whether you have plans to go somewhere new or stay close to home, here are three specific things you can do to be ready in case of an emergency.

Prepare an emergency kit. 
Your emergency kit should contain things you will need if you are forced to quickly evacuate. This should be everything you need to keep, care for, and feed your pets for at least one week. Now is a great time to get your pets microchipped and make sure all their tags and other identifying information is up to date!

 Understand what to do in an emergency. If a severe storm where to come through your area, do you know what you would do? When an emergency or storm hits, you want to have an actionable plan because minutes make a difference.

Create a Plan and identify emergency care-givers.  If something happens to you, do your friends and family know what to do with your pets? Having a wallet ID card or ID bracelet with emergency contacts are a great way to help alert medical professionals that you have pets at home.

Start having carefree fun with your plan in place! Need help creating a full emergency plan for your whole family? We have put together your emergency preparedness guide. This ebook and worksheets will walk you through everything you need to know to set up a comprehensive emergency plan that will help keep your whole family safe. In addition to our ebook, we also have emergency pet identification sheets and emergency wallet cards to round out your emergency kit. This low-cost workbook will set you up for success in case of emergencies, and you can bundle it together with our wallet ID cards for even better savings.

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