DIY Pet Toys

Right now our kids are home more with our dogs, and they may be getting into trouble together! We want to ensure that our kids are educated on what dog body behavior and language is for everyone’s safety and happiness. Make sure your kids know what a scared or frightened dog looks like, or a dog that wants their space. Make sure that your dog has a safe place that they can go to and relax alone if they need to de-stress and recharge. A fun way to get kids involved with your pets is to make some DIY dog toys! Below are some options to help keep everyone involved and happy. We had so much fun doing this segment with KELOLAND Living!

Take an 8 inch piece of fabric (fleece, old blanket, or even t-shirt material), place the ball in the center and wrap the pieces around it. Tie the tennis ball in place with a small piece of material, then cut the remaining lengths of 8 inch fabric into three strips, and braid the remainder. Finish end with a knot.

Take 3 pieces of fabric and create a length of braid, finish both ends with a knot. Then take a tennis ball and using a utility knife, carefully cut slits on opposite sides of the tennis ball. Pinch the tennis ball on either side of one of the slits, and feed the braided fabric through, and pull through the other slit until the tennis ball rests in the middle of the toy.

Take several strips of fabric, about 4-6 inches in length, lay flat together as a group. Tie a knot in the middle of the group of fabric, capturing all pieces.

Get four pieces of fabric, 2-3 feet in length 3 inches wide. Tie together in a knot, then using the square knot technique, continue knotting until you reach about 3 inches from the end, tie off with a knot. Can also be used with a traditional braid and 3 pieces of fabric.

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