Defining “Best Life”


If your dog is going to live their best life, we need to know what that definition is for them. Once we know what is important to them, and we know what is important to us, we can fashion them a Full and Happy Life.

Because here is the biggest thing – and I think you all are here for this – You deserve to live a life that you love and enjoy, and so does your dog.

Living Full and Living Happy means that we are living our best lives together. Our challenge then becomes 1) how we can do more things together that both we and our dogs enjoy, 2) what are things that don’t really serve either party, and 3) is there anything that make our dogs’ lives better that we can outsource (could be a dog walker, a variety of toys you can rotate through, etc.).

Photo is of Crosby ready to go on an outing to a park. He gets much more brain drain (and my shoulder doesn’t hurt as much) when we go for a sniffy walk to the park instead of on the sidewalks.

Your homework:

Identify one thing that you and your dog both really, really enjoy doing together.