Joint Support At Any Age 1

Joint Support At Any Age

Joint health is one of the most important aspects of helping our dogs live a full and happy life. However, there is so much information out there, where do you as your pet’s guardian even begin??

VIP Chat with Dr. Amy Porto 2

VIP Chat with Dr. Amy Porto

Dr. Amy Porto is coming to chat with us about her work and how she applies those same philosophies and theories to life with her dog. Dr. Amy is a Registered Dietician, dog lover, and host of the free Facebook group 100 Miles By Summer.

Space Etiquette For Dogs 4

Space Etiquette For Dogs

While the term DINOS (Dogs In Need Of Space) is often used to describe dogs that really don’t like other dogs in their space, we should extend the courtesy of space to ALL dogs unless explicitly and enthusiastically verbalized by the owner. Don’t be afraid to be the advocate your dog needs!!