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we are taking a deep dive

We are taking a close look at all the facets of your business. Living a full and happy life as a business owner means your business needs to serve you as much as it serves your clients. We will check out your business foundations and then dig into the details of how your business serves everyone involved – firstly for you as the owner, for your team (if you have one), and for your clients.

are you ready?

We are covering your business with action steps to help you make progress on goals, shore up business practices, and avoid the pitfalls I stumbled into no matter what stage of business you are in. Whether you are pet sitting as a side gig, a full time pet sitter, have a growing business, or you are a fulltime manager and CEO of a pet care company, there is value in doing an audit together!

before we get started, i've gotta know...

These business audits are a commitment from each of us. Who is this for? I’m glad you asked! We are looking to work with business owners who…

are passionate about their work and have a set of values on how they want to run their business.
The answer to so much in business is, “It depends.” If you can answer who you serve, what makes you special, and why your clients choose you, you are well on your way to a set of business values.

…have the basics down and have their business legit.
You have a website/social media presence, business bank accounts, file your taxes, and are insured. If you want to be considered a Big Dog in business, you have to act like it! You can achieve all of these things whether your business is just starting out or you are doing multiple six-figures of revenue. 
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…want to analyze where they are at and are excited to make updates.
You don’t have to have a team of dog walkers or want to have big revenue growth to get tremendous value from a business audit. However, you have to be ready to make some changes! If not, what’s the point of doing an audit? This is an investment in your future, and I want to help you get where you want to go.

what to expect

We are taking a holistic look at your business and how it integrates into your life, your goals, financials, clients, marketing, pet care team and business consultants, and more. We can cover a variety of challenges and wins you are looking at in your business, or we can also dive into the overall strategy of your business.

Business Audits 1

detailed analysis

You will give me the details about you and your business. Give yourself time to complete this form, we have a lot of business and life things to look at!

Business Audits 2

prelim review

This is our time to take a closer look  at your assessment together and have a deeper conversation about what you want from your business.


identify strategies

You’ll walk away with a report detailing areas we’ve discussed, your strategies and objectives, and next steps to move your business forward.

taking care of business

Whoop! You’re in, and I’m definitely in. Let’s get to work! All you have to do is click that button and we’ll get started.

After completing an audit, you will have additional clarity around the “why” of your business, who you are serving, what your values in business are, how you show up for your clients (and your team if you have one), how the business shows up for YOU, and where the business fits into your own objectives for living a full and happy life.