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2020 was a hard year for the pet care industry, but it was especially hard for me. We had a year of unprecedented industry disruption, my husband had a cancer scare, and we had to choose the big BE (behavioral euthanasia) for our beloved young dog, Olive. It was a lot all at once. I knew that how I was feeling wasn’t sustainable and that there had to be a better way.

Burnout 1

 By the end of the year I was on the verge of utter and complete burnout.
(Yet again.)

Burnout 2

I found myself crying in a client’s driveway after another a long week.
(This wasn’t the first time.)

Burnout 3

I was totally exhausted and wondered what the heck I was doing.
(Yep, I had been here before.)

Burnout 4

Check out this episode where Janie and I talk about burnout!

Burnout 4

Check out this episode where Janie and I talk about burnout!

making change

I am dedicated to educating and emboldening other Pet Professionals to lead full, happy lives. I hate that so many of us need a major catalyst to create a better work and personal life. Instead, I am passionate about prioritizing our own needs, and living life more like the dogs we serve: with joy, enthusiasm, and time for our favorite things.


We cannot give everything to our clients, with nothing left for ourselves.


Our businesses should add fulfillment and joy to our lives, not more burnout.


We should make time for our own pets, passions, and those most important to us.

living life like a dog

There is so much to living a full and happy life, but often we don’t make it a priority.

I unintentionally bought into the belief that in order to succeed I had to hustle and grind, sacrifice experiences to do more work, and put my own needs last. I realized that while I was working so hard to get ahead I was missing out on the things that made life most enjoyable.

live full live happy

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