Boredom Busters for Pets

 When we get busy and have less time for our pets, our dogs and cats tend to start entertaining themselves! This can be frustrating when we are already short on time. But this is a perfect opportunity to add some easy ways to help your pet with a few Boredom Busters activities. By giving both their brain and their body a work out, we can have happy and content pets. Watch our segment with KELOLAND Living here!

A white white merle dachshund

Prepare & Understand:  When our dogs get bored, they start to get into behaviors such as barking and whining, chewing items they shouldn’t, and start to get into trouble! Many of the behaviors that we might consider to be “problem behaviors” – such as hunting, chewing, digging and barking – are very natural outlets for dogs to channel their energy. By tapping into those instincts and channeling them in a constructive way, we can have calm and happy dogs and a happy household.

Make a Plan for unique pet: Identify the behaviors your dog or cat likes to do when he is bored. Integrate those behaviors into games to get them moving to drain their physical energy and get their brain thinking to drain their mental energy. 

Start playing with your pet: Use things you have around your house to make games by hiding their food, playing hide and seek, or training a new trick. Spending a few minutes playing together can give you lasting results! Need some new ideas? We have compiled our favorite Brain Games and Boredom Busters into an ebook. Games are described in detail, include photos, and include instructions for how to include the little people in your life in the different games. Get your Brain Games and Boredom Busters ebook now!

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