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Morgan Andenas Weber

Chief Pet Care Expert at Lucky Pup Adventures

As a Pet Care Expert and dog foster parent, Morgan has worked with hundreds and hundreds of families in her career.  Every day she sees and experiences firsthand the joys – and challenges – families have when trying to live a full and happy life with their dogs.

Morgan shares her expertise to new and existing dog owners by teaching them her signature Lucky Pup Method. This approach helps dog owners understand their dog’s needs and address the challenges and struggles that led to the breakup of families with their dogs. By identifying and prioritizing these challenges, people and their pups can have the best life possible together.

 We are proud members of the Pet Professional Guild and Pet Sitters International.

She believes in helping pets live life free of force and fear.

About Lucky Pup Living 1

Morgan has been a professional pet sitter since 2013 when she started Lucky Pup Adventures.  She loves working with families to help them identify how their dog’s behavior is related to their overall care and how their lives are structured.  Before she became a pet are expert, she worked in an architecture firm for 6 years towards becoming a registered architect. This work – often described by practitioners as being a Professional Creative Problem Solver – has given her the unique tools to see the big picture and all of the components that are supporting that picture. This means Morgan can see the “problem behind the problem” and find unique, simple, and easy solutions to the most complex problems.

Morgan is a huge advocate of responsible dog ownership. This passion comes from being heavily involved in dog rescue. She believes we can significantly reduce the homeless pet population by empowering pet owners with the knowledge and tools to make the best choices when it comes to adding pets to their home. She lives with three rescue dogs, but dreams of a day when all pets have a home! She is especially involved in the rescue and advocacy for her beloved “pibble” breeds.


When she isn’t working, Morgan loves playing with her dogs. They all love to explore new places, go for car rides, and play games together. They love traveling to nose work competitions (think: detective dog work, but without drugs, bombs, or missing people). Her favorite way to start the day is with a long neighborhood walk with one of her dogs by her side.