A Living Bucket List

A Living Bucket List 1

Live their Bucket List now!

I had an older dog that received a cancer diagnosis. Her name was Mama Casey and she was the best girl in the world. When she was 12 yrs old we suddenly learned we had 4-6 weeks left with her. Hard stop. That’s all we had.

I suddenly looked at our remaining time together and started to create Casey’s Bucket List. But, what I soon realized is we missed good years where we could be living out her bucket list. Instead all we had left was mediocre-at-best weeks to fit all of these things in. It wasn’t a great feeling to think about all that time I missed to give her an amazing life.

I worked through these same thoughts and this same process when we were looking at our younger dog, Olive’s, health, relationships, and home life. We had a list of things to give Olive her best life. When those things shifted and were no longer compatible with a high quality of life, we knew it was time to have some hard conversations.

In short –  Don’t wait until a catastrophic moment to maximize your pet’s life.  Do it now.

Your homework:

I really believe in this concept of a “living bucket list” and I want to share more about this process with you. Follow this section to learn more about how to apply this process to your own pups.