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Being a great owner to your pet requires more than giving them basic care. 
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Our ebooks are essential for all dog owners! They contain detailed information and step-by-step games to help your pup life a full and enriched life. You don’t want to miss these!

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Now more than ever it is important to understand all that goes into helping your dog live their best life. Our Lucky Pup Guide helps you go beyond the basics for your pup!

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Ready to get more from life with your pets? Check out our Lucky Pup Explorers program. Members explore what it means to live their best life together with their pets. 

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As Pet Care Experts, we have seen first hand what leads to the breakup of dog families.

We want people and their pets to have a happy and fulfilling life together that they BOTH love. 

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Hundreds of happy families have followed our plans

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As a Pet Care Expert, Morgan sees and experiences firsthand the joys – and challenges – families have when trying to live a full and happy life with their dogs.